Understanding Arithmetic

The method or process of computation with figures:
the most basic branch of mathematics.

A division of mathematics used for tasks like
simple counting and advanced calculation.
It mostly refers to the noting of the basic
properties of certain operations on numbers.

Arithmetic solves problems which have numbers
in them. It helps with buying things and counting
money. It is utilized to tell the time and keep score
in games.

Addition, Multiplication, Subtraction, and Division

+, *, - and, /

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Understanding Logic

The science that examines the principles
governing correct or reliable inference.

The system or principles of reasoning applicable
to any branch of knowledge or study.

Computer Science

(a) The nonarithmetic operations executed by a computer,
such as sorting, comparing, and matching, that entail
yes-no decisions.

(b) Computer circuitry.

(c) Graphic representation of computer circuitry.

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Computer Science

The system of operations executed by a computer that
underlies the machine's representation of logical operations.

Logic Circuit

A circuit designed to execute complex functions defined
in terms of elementary functions of mathematical logic.

Also called logic.

Logic Circuit

A computer switching circuit that comprises of a number of
logic gates and performs logical operations on data.

Logic Circuit

A computer switching circuit, consisting of one or more
logic gates, utilized to process digital information
such as computer instructions and data.

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